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Little Hangleton

Tom Marvolo Riddle: Fanfiction & Fanart

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All Members , Moderated
Little Hangleton is a community for fanfiction and fanart dedicated to Tom Marvolo Riddle, the brilliant young wizard who went on to become Lord Voldemort.


This is an open community. Anyone may join, so long as they are amenable to the following rules.

No flaming, in posts or in comments.

No post that is not a story or an artwork will be accepted.

No more than one work of fiction/art per post.

All fiction/art must be Tom-centric.

Slash, het and gen are all allowed.

Work of any rating (G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17) is allowed.

No stories based after 1970 will be accepted, unless they look back on Tom's life pre-1970. After 1970, Tom Riddle became better known as Lord Voldemort, and this community is not dedicated to Him.

There will be monthly challenges. You may submit as many entries as you like for these challenges; however, you are still allowed to submit Tom-centric work that is not written for a challenge.

All challenge submissions must be posted to this community first. They should mention which challenge they have been written for, even when they are later posted elsewhere.

The subject heading of each post should contain the following information: FIC/ART, Title, Author, Pairing, Rating.

All fiction/art must be posted behind an lj-cut, with the following optional information displayed before the cut: Warning(s) and Summary.

The moderator, Jabez, can be contacted at jabez_fics@yahoo.com.

That is all. The current month's challenge is listed below; please keep referring to this page for information on the latest challenge.

Current Challenge (1 November to 30 November):

The pre-Hogwarts years (1927 to 1938).

Write a story or produce a work of art focussing on Tom's pre-Hogwarts childhood.

For more information about this period of Tom's life, click here.